Welcome to Addicted to Story. If you’re just now joining us as a result of my participation in CPD23, well … you haven’t missed much.

I’ve had this blog for a couple of years now. I created it so I could learn how to create a blog in case I ended up having something to say, but then I did not have any thing to say, so nothing happened here for quite some time. Then in 2010, I thought I would see what it would be like to sign up for a couple of online reading challenges, and needed a place to post my book titles, so I used this blog for that … for about three months, at which point I lost the will to keep up with the whole endeavor.

And now: 23 Things for Professional Development. I’m participating in CPD23 because I want to fill in some gaps in my knowledge and understanding of useful tools for my professional life as a librarian. I want to stay informed, not only as to how these tools work, but also as to how I can put them to work in ways that make sense to me and to the people I serve. So I’m reactivating Addicted to Story.

I’m a firm believer in Walt Crawford‘s principle, “First, have something to say,” so it may be that I never will blog on a regular basis, as I remain convinced I have nothing to say that’s worth saying and/or that isn’t already being covered by someone more competent than myself.

However, this blog is here, if and when I need it. Who knows? Maybe I’ll learn so much in the course of CPD23 that I’ll transmogrify into some kind of supersonic library blogging monster! Hey — it could happen.