For Thing 2 of cpd23, I enjoyed visiting some blogs by a small random sample of cpd23 participants.

Over at The Fierce Feminist Librarian Student, I read and commented on her post about the persistence of the digital divide. As a fellow public librarian, serving a largely affluent but aging population, I see — and am called upon to serve — on any given day: BOTH the iPad-toting hipster AND the “what is a mouse and what do I do with it” patron.

I was glad to see Good News Librarian … actually he caught my eye initially with his tagline: “Hanging Wet Blankets Out to Dry.” Love it! This blogger’s mission is to highlight positive stories about libraries and library people who are succeeding: accomplishing great things and inspiring others. We all need to be reading these good news nuggets, like the one about Jane McGonigal’s recent alternative reality game at the NYPL.

There was a time a few years back, when I read a wide variety of library blogs daily. What with one thing and another, I have let that practice falter. I hereby resolve to take it up again, and somehow fold it back into the mule-train days of my busy life. Thanks, cpd23!