On to Thing 3 for CPD23, which was really supposed to be completed last week.

Because there is someone out there with the same name as me who is a crazy-good, mad-athletic competitive rower, when I Google my name sans qualifiers, most of the top results point to her. Add “library” or “librarian” to the search, and I get my LinkedIn profile and one or two of my published book reviews, as well as pages from MPOW’s website with my name attached to various programs I’m responsible for.

All in all, I’m fairly well satisfied with this. I don’t feel compelled to be any more “out there” or easy to find than this. I maintain my LinkedIn profile as my most professional-not-personal presence on the web, so its prominence is fitting, and there’s nothing wrong with my book reviews showing up.

In future, I may decide I have good reason to shore up my online visibility, but for now I’m fine with the status quo.