What You Wish For book coverWhat You Wish For
Author: Janet Dawson
Published 2012 by Perseverance Press

Historian Lindsey Page must burrow through multiple layers of different kinds of secrets — family, corporate, romantic, political — to get at the truth in this absorbing story of intrigue and deception in the Bay Area. Follow Lindsey back and forth from the present day back to the 1960s and 1970s and to the brutal, bloody hills of El Salvador in the 1980s, and back again, as a favor for one of her interviewees leads to revelations of murder and massacre that prove once again that you should be careful what you wish for. Lindsey is a sympathetic and well-drawn character, and the web of lies and coverups she finds herself unraveling is compelling and complex. Give this new standalone novel of suspense by Janet Dawson a try. Then, if you like it, go back and read her 10-book series featuring PI Jeri Howard. It’s high-quality, intelligent crime-solving!